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Friday, February 13, 2015

If, Bwana - Live at the Logos Tetrahedon

Immersed in a continued hum emitted deep within the bellows of creation. There is a desolate tone originating from Live at the Logos Tetrahedon. Of the four long tracks, only "Frog Field" is orchestrated in a key providing relief from the infinite sonic tundra. 

If, Bwana is the name of one project for Al Margoli's lengthy and prolific 30 year outpouring. Live at the Logos Tetrahedon is a recent release in the last batch of SicSic Tapes. This one clocks in at just under an hour and commands an uninterrupted listening window to unleash it's beautiful nature.

The first track "8 notes, 16 speakers, x players" is a harmonium drenched snail march on a thin branch above barren salt lands. "Jon Bari Sax" brings visions and sounds of droning bees, swarming, menacing, and ominous. "Frog Field" sparkles for a good amount of time. The listener can find solitude in a glade away from minor keys. The performance ends with "It is Bassoon", not as removed from the human conveniences as the start of the cassette, but still resting in an overlapping state between an austere sonic dimension and sound rays of light.

This show would have been very cool to see live. Thanks to SicSic Tapes release #077, we can at least hear it's recorded representation. A uniquely obscure choice and a good one! Still available at SicSic and Tomentosa.

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