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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jane Jane - The Education of My Rubber Dolly EP

Music box gone awry. There is a hole in the bottom dropping down to secret beats. Beautiful little riffs, catchy and entrancing. Please wind it up again. "The Education of My Rubber Dolly" ends and leaves you "Alone with You". Another mind printing vocal track sung by Courtney Asztalos and Michael Arcos or Jane Jane. "KNOW - Nick Drake Cover" is a ghostly ride into the darkly crisp night sky. A cat is present, not black, just limber. The cassette ends with "Fever Fried My Brain Fever Fried My Energy", an eighties throw back played forward with the past and future in stereo.

Another cassette i recently enjoyed on numberless auto reverses in the truck. Also, as in the last post, on a label only on a mini hiatus hopefully. Watery Starve released an angelic run of music and art over the last few years. This blog and Watery Starve's tape run were not in sync. I wanted to input into the internet some nice words for the artist and the label. There is one cassette available on discogs and it is economically priced. No worries, you can listen to the entire tape on soundcloud if you are not able to purchase.

This was recorded live in New Orleans in December of 2012. The Education..... would have been cool to have been there that day....

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