Quickly Sold Out

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Righteous Acid - Righteous Acid

Had the pleasure to listen to this tape on repeated flips over the last weekend.  Also wanted to get something on the site for the incredibly cool label Space Slave. Righteous Acid was one of the last two cassettes Space Slave released before going on hiatus. This one will be a little difficult to find, but the digital is readily accessible.

Recorded in the middle of 2013 Righteous Acid is Alex Sarad. The sound pours out of the speakers with emotional clarity resting in a spectrum of genres. The start "Coolidge Ave."launches your ears into reverberated guitar drone, much like the long tracks of Stag Hare (companion batch release on Space Slave). This gives way to drums and guitar on "Allman Jam", with a beat and rhythm of a long Fela track, although the sax has been replaced by guitar. I would say the foundation of most tracks have a Ras Michael sense to them. This can be heard on "Dub Summer", "Queen Sunny", "Kahlil & Lily" and especially "Sundog". Even though there is a kinship of sound to the smokey drum circles of enlightenment, Alex is not rooted there. His sound has tethers to this world and still flies on it's on path.

There are hints of African music, Reggae, Funk, Dub blended seamlessly across this Righteous Acid cassette with the same title. The listening experience is upbeat and delivers a euphoric happiness ready to accompany the beauty of the day. Take thirty minutes and give this a listen. You will be pleased.

From what i can find out, this Righteous Acid cassette is sold out everywhere. I found an expensive copy on discogs and another for sale at Obscuro in Japan. Found Alex Sarad on another record for sale called the Invisible Astro Healing Rhythm Quartet. Also there is a unavaible cassette out there on Sun Ark (scroll way down) by Righteous Acid titled Mellow Doses.

Space Slave had a nice run of thirty releases. The artists were incredible as well as all of the artwork and presentation. Hopefully the label will have some tapes out in 2015. Maybe these words can help with the knowledge of the label not being forgotten.

Space Slave site, bandcamp and facebook
Righteous Acid site and facebook