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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sunny Dunes - Whims of a Rainy Day

As a Florida resident, i can relate to Whims of a Rainy Day by Sunny Dunes. The introduction, antique field recordings of a family outing at the ocean side, evokes countless memories. You can hear the rain come making the event more spectacular. And then.....

The field recordings subside making way for musical composition. Sound droplets rolling down a window pane. There is no hurry, the tunes echo creating a dreamlike state. This musical contrast to the human environment is well done and this will take form throughout segments of the cassette.

The next sequence of music takes the listener far from the solitude of a remote beach with friends. The dunes have been struck with a foreign satellite. It rest half buried in the sand emitting alien frequencies. As the hour of music within Whims of a Rainy Day moves forward, the music seems juxtaposed between a tranquil world of vintage vacations and an almost ominous future of possible perils. The beat driven electronic sequences begin to root into your mind making the ever fading moments of life, a fleeting oasis of sanctity. There is a disparity of sounds arising from this tape. This is a great accomplishment, because at no time the contrast disconnects the listener, rather the differences draw your ears closer to the source.

From what i can see, Sunny Dunes has emerged over the last few years with releases on six different labels. Looking at the pattern of labels for their previous releases, A Giant Fern seems to fit perfectly. Cool and well versed in cassette culture, this artist has teamed up with another distinguished hallmark. If you like the sounds of Whims of a Rainy Day, purchase it from A Giant Fern soon. There are eight left as i write this and will be unavailable soon, just like everything else.

Here is all Sunny Dunes has for sale on Discogs.

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