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Friday, February 20, 2015

Wes Tirey - Concerning the Disputed Photograph of Crazy Horse

Another excellent cassette by Wes Tirey. They seem to be amazingly sprouting from the cold earth this winter. On Noumenal Loom for this one and Twin Springs Tapes for the one weeks ago. I was not quick enough to purchase Gnostic Hymns of the Blue Ridge Mountains Volume 1 on Twin Springs, but i did order Concerning the Disputed Photograph of Crazy Horse from Noumenal Loom. This tape has rolled over in the deck more than a few times now and i am ready to give it my best effort to describe.

The magnitude of sound being emitted from Wes' guitar is on par with a steam locomotive. As i listen the strings fill my entire head and leave little room for anything else. This style of playing creates a resonance resembling the drone of railroad train. Even to the point of how the cassette starts, slow and methodical, gathering momentum and rolling along. The contrast of empty space and guitar playing really exemplifies the patience Wes has developed. His timing on CtDPoCH is truly a sign of how comfortable the compositions are for him. Sit back and close your eyes on this, there is a vintage world unfolding in your mind. The guitar of Wes Tirey will show you the way points.

I think a few more people are going to be able to purchase this cassette. There were one hundred in the run from Noumenal Loom. This was part of their Winter Batch #2 and is still available for sale at their site. Noumenal Loom has been working with some great artists and maintains this foggy feeling of mystery for me. Their taste are vast and will surprise us more and more in the future.
So get CtDPoCH soon because it will sell out. Tomentosa had copies in their most recent update and they have sold out already. That is an indicator to notice!

Noumenal Loom site and bandcamp
Wes Tirey bandcamp and facebook