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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

deerbite - ep1

Within these tape spools are mysteriously nostalgic sounds resonating far into my experiences. Deerbite is Randall James Lundy and according to the title of this cassette, this is the first in his deerbite project. I have listened to this a few times digitally before the cassette arrived and have enjoyed these sounds tremendously. The cassette has two tracks not available on the digital version. These additions really round out the listening experience.

Deerbite ep1 starts off with two alluring tracks much like the cheerful time spent before the quest commences. The comfort of the beginning leads into one of my favorite tracks "Atari Serenade". This has the sounds compatible with traveling across the vast expanse of the digital tundra. The journey takes refuge with the fascinating sounding "Break Lake". Here the grandeur of Randall James Lundy's work is revealed. Faster paced and splendid in composition, your resting spot before vintage chips crumble and our ears fall into the abyss of dusty plastic cartridges.

The second side begins with "E-Waste", a lengthy listening experience into a word without physical laws. Sounds collide with rapid fire, coin collection, lives lost and regeneration. "Pluto Blue" is adeptly chosen to be only on the cassette version, because this is the true bonus sound of the tape. My ears are amassing the pleasures of the physical effort to arrive at this point. Dropping off into a respite of amiable notes from "February Lullaby", the tape then finalizes itself with "Ice Nightmare". This is the other cassette only track. Fittingly the sounds of previous track are now twisted and unavoidable for the final boss battle.

There are only twenty two of these. Randall James Lundy has more available on his bandcamp page.
This has been one of my favorite listens this far into the year.

deerbite - ep1 on bandcamp
deerbite on facebook - soundcloud