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Friday, March 20, 2015

Ocean Music - Ocean Music

When i first heard Ocean Music by Richard Aufrichtig, my ears were at a deficit of what to think. The first track is all instrumental and is very nice sounding. The vocals begin with track two and are present throughout the album. Richard's tone is commanding and that is what really grabbed at me. Immediately the sound froze my mind and i began trying to decide if this is a tone and style i like?

I took a couple of days off and listened to the record again. This time the music and vocals flowed a little further into my core. The skillfully played music is the canvas for Richard's voice. There is a haunting tone being delivered on these grooves. "When I Was The Setting Sun" is the prime example of this. Songs further in the album like "Ghost Song" and "Night/Walkers Travelers" have the same quality, as well as reference to this in the song titles.

After the second listen the entire album had really reached far into the depths of enjoyment for me. The voice, so alone and somewhat desolate had allured me in, feeding and sheltering me. What once made me question now makes me feel serene. After repeated listens my favorite track now is "Fragments/Duino". Even though the album is best relished as a whole composition, I think "Fragments/Duino" embodies the beauty of musical craftsmanship, songwriting and singing.

The biggest difference for me is listening to this on the turntable versus digitally. If there ever was (is) an argument for analog, Ocean Music on vinyl should be played to set this issue straight. The vinyl is not only superior sounding, the packaging and artwork is incredibly beautiful. Richard is extremely experienced at music and art. With this adeptness, he brings this LP to the world on his own accord, no label. If you are interested you can purchase this directly from his bandcamp page.

I have played Ocean Music while still dark out in the mornings, and really have developed an affection for it's beauty.

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