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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Orra - Into The Wind

There exists alternate worlds created by the minds of humans. Jennifer Williams and Sean Conrad have stabilized the porthole into their reality under the name Orra. The release titled Into the Wind is just out in the newest batch from Inner Islands. Ethereal synthesizer leads your ears through alien sounds, abounding throughout this cassette.

Two twenty minute tracks, one on each side, Into the Wind is a surreal journey through a fascinating sound scape. Side A has track titled "The Fog Has A White Tongue". Here ambient drift is combined with majestic noises from a cosmos yet undiscovered. In this realm, sounds of metal machines are praised for their beauty? Creating a drone far from understanding by man. Voices drift through and the origin reveals itself not to be mechanical at all. The closest description would be a world of insects made from an unknown impervious material.

"The Water Is Black That Licks The Boat" is the track that encompasses side B. This is altogether different from the first side. The tone is slightly darker, the noises more intense. Traveling deeper into this macrocosm Jennifer and Sean have created, their power source is partially revealed. Synthetic sine waves wash in the background and energy pulsates in a completely unfamiliar method. As the side nears completion, one impervious insect unveils the core of this permanence.

Inner Islands released this at the beginning of the month. Compared to the label's discography of incredible meditative sounds, Orra rests on the edge of the core bliss Inner Islands revolves around.
The cassette sounds incredible and the presentation beautiful. If your ears are ready for paradise in an alternate dimension, Into the Wind is thoroughly the tape to be heard.

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Orra - Into The Wind on bandcamp