Quickly Sold Out

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Raphi Gottesman - Signed, Noisemaker

From the start of this cassette Raphi Gottesman sets the tone of relaxation far from the monotonous patterns we live in. Signed, Noisemaker engages the listener with depth of composition by utilizing multiple skilled musicians through out the nine tracks of the tape. The style of much of the guitar playing exists just on the raw side of electric. The sounds gently spill from the speakers giving a feeling that would suit watching vintage vacation films. Music of simple pleasures, like jumping in a cool river or hiking along it's bank.

There are moments when this cassette slips into solemn moods. Tracks like "need not be a house to be haunted",  "skokie friend" & "sombre pages bore no print" are good examples of these transitions.
Together, with the more light hearted tunes, the entire album ebbs and flows through feelings we all encounter. This is what makes Signed, Noisemaker so interesting. The music is so laid back and unassuming, our emotions slowly bond with the mood this listen takes you on.

This cassette was originally released on the Swedish Fluere Tapes label in an edition of 20. With six releases since their start up, five of them are sold out including this one. Fluere Tapes has shaped there artists and release quantities into the perfect amount of "purchase immediately"..... Raphi Gottesman's release was no exception to this formula. In order to appease those who missed the first 20 from Fluere, a second pressing of 30 copies has been released and he has them for sale on his own bandcamp page.

Take a listen to Signed, Noisemaker when you have some time you want to enjoy. The music is well suited to enhance your presence within the patterns of life.

Raphi Gottesman - bandcamp - facebook
Fluere Tapes - facebook - bandcamp