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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Skyward Territories - Kyle Landstra, Gardener, Difference Clouds, Villages

Deep into Skyward Territories right now. Kyle Landstra sets the journey in place with close to twenty minutes of cognitive select drone. A veranda floating in the clouds, vintage synthesized organ playing duets with the chaotic blasts of wind. After wards you are set down with the earthly rhythms of Gardener. Motionless in the electronic jungle, the pulse of inner core has paralyzed you mind with tranquilizing voltaic sounds. Burying vast depths into you body, you are at rest and completely satisfied with "The Eyes Glister" by Gardener. Difference Clouds reminds you there is a world of motion and playfulness. Early analog robots playing pipe organ and synthesizer across from each other. The show encapsulates you like looking through the bobbing horses to the inner mirrors of a merry-go-round. As gaps go by, the center is visualized, this turn of the century sound pleases and delights. The journey ends far below the earth, were pressures are high and flickers of light are your only hope. Villages changes pace dramatically between it's foreboding beginning track "Old Chants" and the cleverly played piano on the "Thin Line of Shadow". The entire side reverts back into a cosmic burial of whirling drone heralded buy stoic keyboard. Finally unwinding and disappearing until Program I is initiated again.

Skyward Territories is an excellent compilation by Baro Records. Another awesome label out of Chicago as in the last post with Already Dead. Their website states this is a first in a series of more compilations. With the first as good as it is, it will be difficult to maintain the standards, but with this being realse #44, Baro Records has the conections to do so. There is not an indicator of how many of these double tape were made, good guess would be a hundred or so with this artist line up. These should go relatively quickly as this release gets more written about. Which it will.

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