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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Be My Friend in Exile - Creator, You Destroy Me

Sometimes when listening to music, sound burrows deep. Like an underground flow of water only heard through modern instrumentation. The knowledge to detect this flow without electronics has been almost lost entirely. The cassette titled Creator, You Destroy Me reaches through time and uses this forgotten wisdom to relay the underground current of music that exists within each of us. How this is achieved is still mysterious and unknowable by the listener.

Be My Friend in Exile is Miguel Gomes. This is his roughly forty five minute sojourn into a world existing off all radar. Sounds here seem to echo in vast chambers. Electric guitar cracks, shedding brief moments of illumination then fades away returning to drone beneath the earth. Voices can be heard resembling the sparingly dripping stalactites protruding from the cavernous heights. This path was carved away by dense molecules, now hollow chambers for sound to travel.

A listening journey through an opaque world of drone. As ears adjust and comparisons are made realization that this is some underworld is thrown asunder. An odyssey through the mind of Miguel is really what we have latched onto. These are currents of emotion. Voids of feelings. Echoes and reverberations of synopses repeating habitually. Then emergence of firing neurons on the event horizon. The sound is dense and time span is substantial. Within longer pieces, eddies of notes swirl and fill your ears, then dissolve back into the wash.

In what shape was Miguel's consciousness when these tracks were created? How far off the path did his soul travel to collect these notes? For any listener, Creator, You Destroy Me can be both somber or hopeful. What are they for Be My Friend in Exile?

This is out now on the continually impressive label Already Dead Tapes. Pushing close to 170 releases since 2009! There are fifty of these cassettes and they are available at the label and a few left from Be My Friend in Exile's bandcamp page. Many releases from Already Dead Tapes are sold out and i am sure this one will follow that path.

Music with intense feeling must be listened to at the proper time. Creator, You Destroy Me deserves the chance to be heard in the correct venue.

Be My Friend in Exile - bandcamp - facebook - twitter - youtube
Already Dead Tapes site - facebook