Quickly Sold Out

Thursday, April 9, 2015

braeyden jae - turnings

Creating music to tap into transcendental world of well being is a signature for Inner Islands. Braeyden Jae's new cassette Turnings follows this path using dense electronic harmonics. I am sure Braeyden knows what Inner Islands' is all about since he was the label founder. His style of composition has similar tone and feel with three other cassettes he has released over the last few years. Turnings is the closest to the light while his Hel Audio, Spring Break Tapes & Patient Sounds releases take paths deeper into the earth.

With ten tracks over a half hour, the churning electronic world changes and mutates throughout the listen. There is very nice cohesiveness between pieces. Drifting then suspended, the music lets you go and gently guides you simultaneously. Sometimes the guitar sustains itself in clarity, the sounds become crisp and the moment is simple and beautiful. As the tone become more opaque, the listener finds himself behind the waterfall. The beauty exists but sounds are thick and sink farther into your mind.

Inner Islands is releasing cassettes at a reliable pace. They also are selling out these tapes at the same consistent measure. I am not sure how many Braeyden Jae's Turnings cassettes were produced, but am certain there is a finite number. If you like swirling and massive electronic landscapes giving way to open plateaus of far stretching beauty, this cassette is your audio guide.

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