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Sunday, April 12, 2015

DAYIN - letting go of people

The gravity of sound is heavy with the new release from DAYIN titled letting go of people. The x-ray flux peaks sharply like a black hole with retrograde rotation. Time slows as we draw closer to the center. DAYIN keeps the listener transfixed with drone under pressure. The heaviness upon the ears causes the outside world to blur and cease to be realized. As the thirty plus minutes transpire, seven tracks command your complete audio presence.

Back in another write up i mentioned three labels i would use for ambient/drone music, dark, neutral and bright. For this release, letting go of people, i would not necessarily throw it into the dark category. It is more like neutral with moments of both dark and bright. The sounds are massive, and tend to pin the ears down, but this is not accomplished by being harrowing. This takes place with density, a impenetrable wall of sound pushing you along. Because the tape has different tracks and the solidity of music changes, there are ample moments to regain your balance. With this positioning, the listener is able to comfortably be enveloped by the world of DAYIN. As the tape repeats, stasis is gained even more and letting go of people becomes increasingly relaxing.

One of three releases in batch number nine for Cosmic Winnetou. You can order this release straight from the label, there were eighty produced. Tomentosa just sent out an email with their latest update. All three Cosmic Winnetou releases are on Josh's site ready for purchase as well.

With regard to conversations with G√ľnter from Cosmic Winnetou, i have learned the next batch is going to be a little different. You will want to keep an ear/eye out for when he releases the news of what is flowing through the conduit. Should be really nice like everything has been so far.

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