Quickly Sold Out

Friday, April 10, 2015

Demonstration Synthesis - DS20

For the last year Demonstration Synthesis has been flying low to the earth and connecting with cassette label stations across the planet. The latest ping on the radar was in Germany at the Cosmic Winnetou base of operations. Information received and the cassette titled DS20 has been created. The 20 in the title is in accordance with how many Demonstration Synthesis tapes have been released in a little over a year.

Daniel James Leznoff is the Montreal based helms person guiding this prolific project of incredible proportions. He has been and is a student, teacher, artist, composer and flickering mortal being. The Demonstration Synthesis project allows us to hear sonic output from Daniel's mind. As the light renews itself each day, i am sure this abounding project will transmute into different sparkeling brillance.

At this moment DS20 captures listeners attention with nine tracks over thirty five minutes. The instrumentation is simple, keyboard synthesizer. The music extends from elementary to complex. There are moments making me think of how the background music would sound to revived beatnik poetry in the twenty second century. Other tunes make me visualize a futuristic electric organ shop in a space mall, with young children jumping on the bench, displaying their prowess on the test machine. Some tracks would fit well with stop motion photography of budding flowers and trees. For me, the overall sound feels like it has been reverse engineered by some connection Daniel has extending into altered existence. The tone of all the tracks are huddled under one umbrella making everything stick together like German glue, but where Demonstration Synthesis is taking this stroll is completely new.

This cassette is part of Cosmic Winnetou's impressive ninth batch. As this is being noted, one of the three in the batch is already sold out at the label. The Demonstration Synthesis tape is still available as well as the dayin cassette. The batch price has been adjusted for a two tape deal. Tomentosa will have these releases in the future. Between both, Cosmic Winnetou and Tomentosa, most of the the cassettes from CW are out of stock. This is a very outstanding accomplishment since many of the releases are run in batches ranging from 75 to 100.

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