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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mario Maria - Abertura Do Programa

This is a composition you can really get lost in. Abertura Do Programa by Mario Maria is about twenty five minutes of ambient collage. There is an underground flow of allurement that passes through the ten tracks on this compact disc. Vocals are mixed with vintage samples from a bustling world. Nylon stings of a classical guitar are heard and take you to the southern hemisphere. As the listener drifts through this album, the journey takes root in a seldom heard macrocosm of the composers consciousness. Antipodally originating from the microcosm of the stations on earth we all reside.

This collection of tracks makes me imagine late nights in the summer. Walking city streets and hearing the inner most sounds of the neighborhood. With the next block the sound changes, something else is happening. There is a consistency between blocks as if these residence are from long lineages of cultural heritage. Sounds are sentimental, textural, jumbled with each other. Clarity is heard then disappears. From a sea of open windows this cacophony spills out and gently drifts down to my ears at ground level. At times my mind can make sense of it, bringing agreement. New sounds plummet to the pedestrian level, antagonize the ears briefly, then accord is achieved again.

Mario is from Rio de Janeiro and his album is out on Cloud Chapel Records. This is my first chance to listen to a Cloud Chapel Records release. I really enjoyed Abertura Do Programa and feel good about making a connection in Brazil. I would suggest taking a listen to more releases on the Cloud Chapel Records bandcamp page. There are some cool artists on the label and vary enough to fall into the laps of many different tastes. This Mario Maria release is a good place to start!


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