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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Opaline - Memory Drain

Memory Drain by Opaline is one of the their most recent cassettes arriving in a flurry of 2014-2015 releases. I went back and jotted down the discography from last year to present.
The amazing fact is everything is sold out from the respective label except for the most recent release on Psychic Troubles.

The Constellation Tatsu release titled Memory Drain is what i have in the cassette player right now. This release maintains the quickened pace of synthesizer in overdrive. There feels like an added layer of sonic depth creating the ability to hear further into the microscopic world of data transmission.

From the opening track titled Collider, this half hour plus of music provides little rest with it's electronic barrage. The sounds are beautiful and at times could be considered tranquil, but have a pulse that beats a little quicker. This is consistent with the last three releases by Opaline, i think they are less subdued than the earlier offerings. As Opaline transmutes into a more complex array of compositions, there always maintains a connection with the ground, providing stunning and positive musical forays into the electronic unknown.

As you probably have surmised from the beginning of this write up, this release is sold out at the Constellation Tatsu site. Currently there are copies available from Tomentosa and a couple on Discogs. I have not been diligent enough to purchase very many Opaline cassettes. This one was received with the seasonal batch deals from Constellation Tatsu. Their consistent quarterly bundles are really one of the best deals in credible sounds at sincerely friendly prices. Opaline's Memory Drain is a concrete example.

Memory Drain on Constellation Tatsu site - bandcamp
Opaline on bandcamp - facebook
Constellation Tatsu site - facebook