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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Peter Kris - Sprawl And Sky

Everyone is so far along. Peter Kris is even more distant. Completely changing the mood, Peter Kris' new cassette Sprawl And Sky is a composition from boundless experience. As part of German Army, you would be half right or wrong expecting a solo tape to be more extreme or more subdued. Sprawl And Sky follows the direction of the later to a good degree.

The most outstanding feature of this cassette is the texture Peter Kris evokes. The sounds are interwoven creating a sonic canvas somewhat jagged at times, but overlaid on a foundation of musical beauty. I noted this new listening accessibility in a previous write up for German Army - Social Catalyst on Jozik Records. There is a similarity between these two releases with Sprawl And Sky even more reeled in.

As the cassette moves through it's eleven tracks the listener can relish in the patience Peter Kris has gained with creating so much music. There is a sense of delight from the sound waves being generated by my speakers. Playful guitar like dragon flies moving in the heat of the day. Timeless notes reaching back into worldly merriment are tethered and slung forward by the astute composer. There are a few moments extending into the wheelhouse of German Army sounds. Maybe this will help old listeners move forward and new ones explore the past.

The label A Giant Fern brings this incredible sounding tape to a select fifty cassette decks. Beyond this the digital will be there for all. This release provides continued confirmation A Giant Fern has roots spreading across the globe. To make this even more ostensible, Joe McKay the label curator for Spring Break Tapes created the artwork for this cassette. Sprawl And Sky already has some great write ups and will be sold out in physical form soon.

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