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Monday, April 27, 2015

Rural Carrier - Image of an Other

Blurred music from the minds of Jacob Koestler and Josh Russo. I have been listening to the cassette on repeat for the entire weekend. There was one point i felt a grip for description was in hand, but has eluded me once again. Six tracks over a period of twenty minutes take you to all sides of this hexagonal journey.

In order to call forth words, Image of an Other must be examined by listening to the tracks creating it. Pressing play brings "White Winter" to your ears. Drone mixed with a futuristic mechanical siren, Ulysses has yet to hear. Complex in the sense of being both alluring and frightful simultaneously.

The entire pallet shifts with "Shadow of Our Plane". This track throws my ears back to eighties music. Dark vocals with rhythm delivering late night adventure into a changing musical world.

The third track "Heart of Stone" stops the listening continuum. Disjointed noises made by a new world of instruments. An automated voice repeating the words Heart of Stone over a background of static and feedback. One can only imagine what this music would connect with.

"(man) ∞ (pig)" does little in helping reveal what is being created. My best observation would be something organic as well as robotic. The industrial tone is heavy and allows for little rest.

At this point as a listener, i have transgressed deep into the world of Rural Carrier. Their offering now is "Green Winter", a drone based piece that harkens slightly into the futuristic adventure the first track "White Winter" had started.

Lastly "Grow Twice", is synthesizer in harmony with an almost human less voice, both funneled together causing your brain to overflow. Vocal alms provided for battered ears. The mysterious journey ends with discovery and without understanding. This is the way Rural Carrier intended it to be.

Jacob Koestler and Josh Russo are on the edge of sound with this project. There are industrial moments, but nothing like what was created before. This sound is new and is extremely innovative. Image of an Other is out on the label My Idea of Fun. With almost 300 releases, this label has been hard at work. Not sure on how many there are but available now in both physical and digital mediums.

I would very much like to see Rural Carrier live. I am sure the show would stand out.

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