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Saturday, May 30, 2015

M. Crook - Kahani

Lost in an intimate ethereal world created by M. Crook. As the sun rises above lengthy old growth pines, rays of light project through to the forest floor. An ancient stream, burrowed in the earth, moves at glacial pace. Water moving over rocks can be faintly heard complementing the drone background for our star's light, revealing all wonders. All of this takes place with the opening track titled "Freckled Hands". As the composition inches forward, birds awaken and ready themselves with song and splendor. The ambient background has slightly changed mirroring the intensity of a heating planet. Children have ventured out and their joy mixes with fauna. These sounds radiate from the second track titled "Ylla".

With the flip of this cassette, the title track "Kahani" rests alone on the second side. Here, drone has departed and gives the beautiful forest stage to skilled guitar. The sounds are upbeat and positively reinforce the idea, man can coexist with nature. In the world of M. Crook, inspiration from simple beauty flows through the mind and exits on the strings of an instrument. Taking a moment in time and space, then adding feeling from infinite consciousness. Captured on spools of magnetic tape for future listeners to hear a segment of audible beauty.

This tape was created by the founder of Dismal Niche Tapes and his son. They work really well together and both must have a similar appreciation of how magnificent the world we live in really is. Being a father myself, this is a value i can only hope every family has the opportunity to convey.
There are only 15 of these produced, so get it while it is there. The real pleasure is listening to this, my words can only nudge you to do so.

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