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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Son of Rama - Spheres

Simple and beautiful guitar drone. Your ears fall in love with this with the first listen. There are a few strong labels specializing in these blissful melodies. Now OJC Recordings has landed in this zone with their number eleven release.

Son of Rama is completely unknown to me. From a little internet looking i discovered this is a Los Angeles  based artist connecting with the Los Angeles based label OJC. This new cassette titled Spheres is straight forward cosmic guitar pickings. There is a timeless quality exuding from this tape.
With the subtle additions of flute, birds chirping, water moving, simple keyboards and crashing primordial thunder, Spheres has everything making this drone world enjoyable. The rhythm of the guitar stays true throughout all four tracks creating a pallet for the mind to loose itself in. Each track is different in composition, but they all meld together as a delightful whole. The last track and longest titled "Celestial Rain" is stripped down to an almost 8 minute guitar drift, leaving the consciousnesses relaxed and satisfied. Being uncomplicated and pleasant is what makes Son of Rama a great release. I think there are 20 of these in the production run, so very limited.

OJC Recordings has a wide array of sounds being broadcast. The diversity and quality are two things making this label a place to keep checking on. There will be something you really like, maybe they have released it already or it is on it's way.

OJC Recordings site - bandcamp - facebook - soundcloud