Quickly Sold Out

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Altar Image / The Inverted Orange - Split

The beat makes me write, makes me think, makes no sense. Moments of time are accentuated keeping pace with rapid exertion. Body and mind are confused, one still, the other racing.

The split of Alter Image and The Inverted Orange are fresh squeezed sounds to ears droning in the pool of ambient wash. Alter Images side A "Fresh Perspective" is placed and named properly. The song fires at me, pulsating, shaking my monotonous existence. Pull yourself up and awaken. We have touched down. Put on this Alter Image "Sweatshirt" and float with us. You can hear now.

The Inverted Orange's side B grabs your hand and helps turn around from side A. Now that you are coherent, a sonic river sounds from beneath. "Turn Your Sadness Into Jell-O", the first track on the Inverted Orange side, is so completely worthy of embarking. The beat is the wildness, the guitar is a sparkle you follow. Now lost in the interior "Frozen Moments" makes realizations with the first true vocal of the split. What is this you hear ?? "Make Strange Dance" is unleashed mesmerization taking place. The strange sounds dance together, transfixing and beautiful. Finally the thick current of sound and beat drip away from your ears. "Statue Garden" leaves you as you started, immobilized, waiting for "Fresh Perspectives" again.

Thank you Capri Records. I wrote this on paper back in 2013. Tucked it away and found it recently.
This cassette has been sold out for a good while. Checked Discogs and did not see any. So... add it to the want list and enjoy the digital for what ever you want to give.

Capri Records - facebook - bandcamp
Inverted Orange cassette on Prison Art