Quickly Sold Out

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Warm Forms - Polymer Slug

Warm Forms has my mind stationed in park right now. The sound rest in a world of slow rhythm and electronic radiance. The structure of this composition by Adam Tramposh (Warm Forms) is inviting and complex. This release titled Polymer Slug has a pleasant vibe connecting each track, making an uplifting and beautiful cassette to listen to.

There is some chaos being emitted from Warm Forms. Not noise, but more of a maxing out of the sonic spectrum. The sound is straight in front of you while vibrating on every cell of skin simultaneously. Grandiose pipe organ rooted in historic buildings looses it's mass and slowly floats above earthly realms. This is how it all starts. There is no desire to disembark because this will be a wondrous ride. Never menacing, only reaching highs then lows. Making Polymer Slug varied and intriguing. At times the music reminds of a deep grooved seventies record fluctuating with futuristic dub. Steam rolled music flattening the glitch. You can almost hear it, but this sound ride is smooth.

Out on the label Overland Shark. They have taken leave from producing cassettes, but have been kind enough to put everything up on bandcamp as free downloads. This was released in the early spring of 2010. Long sold out from the label and distributors. Found some on discogs if you want a tape. I do not know why, but my mind keeps making me think this is Worm Farms. Maybe this is secret music for vermiculture? The picture on the right of the inside cover is suspect. Oh, and then there is the title Polymer Slug. I guess that is the bigger give away.

Overland Shark on bandcamp
Warm Forms cassette on discogs