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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Crown Larks - Blood Dancer

Sometimes the combination of so many well cut pieces of stone create a structure that causes wonder. The musicians on Crown Larks have come together creating an amalgam eclipsing each individual member. The sound is ultimately difficult to pin down and that is decisive.

I think i read words like free, rock, avant-garde, jazz and eclectro. Those are nice words for throwing labels on this for the shelves of the radio station. I feel the best description of Blood Dancer is six musicians bringing a vast amount music love, listening knowledge and skilled instrumentation to one album and laying down a cairn for everyone on their listening journeys.

The first time I listened to Blood Dancer my minds was lost at what to think. Was not sure how to like this one. After rolling through the cassette repeatedly, I have realized there is so much more than rippling sounds on the surface. Fathoms of intricacy can be heard below and with each listen this meter gets deeper and deeper.

Crown Larks have created an album that will slowly grow and firmly root in the listeners mind. There are tracks that push towards chaos, and then there are tracks that dwell in the sweet listening spots of ageless musical heritage. The diversity of sound is grande and all of the tracks connect, making this an excellent start to finish listening pleasure.  Labels are always a really good indicator of the quality of sound we can listen to and this is out on Already Dead Tapes and Records... So that ends that sentence. You still have choices of vinyl, tape or cd formats. If you have not listened to Blood Dancer already, give this one your ears for the entire ride.

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