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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dragontime - Dragontime

Ready for a modern sound spiritual journey? Dragontime has the connotation of being a fantasy adventure, but this cassette is far from the world of the PBS inspired show Dragon Tales. Robin MacMillan and Kephera Moon have composed an illusive and difficult to label, jaunt through serene and soothing sound landscapes.

The first track "Futures Past" is a mesmerizing beginning with a Native American beat juxtaposed with ethereal synthesizer gently dancing over the flickering fire. This is followed with an angelically sung and simply composed track titled "Women & Children". Moving along is helped by a western style played organ on "Matty Groves Part 1". Dragontime is drifting by quickly and the patterns recorded for the listener are so varied. You would think this causes cacophony, but a very cultivated approach  bonds all of the tracks together. As the fourth track begins, the beat changes again and is accompanied by beautiful vocals. Sound patterns change pretty much on every track. Even on "Matty Groves Part 2", the music leans to an almost eastern world inspired homage. This continues with "Serendip" which introduces the drone sounds of a Tampura, played in the depths behind hand drums and flute like synthesizer. Nine distinctly varied musical sojourns over a half hour make Dragontime a true sound expedition. Everything is played in a tempered medium, making this listen the perfect soundtrack for a future purification ceremony.

From what i read, this is a re-issue from 2012, originally released as a cdr by Psychic Arts. The Inner Islands label has connected with Dragontime and released this in June of 2015 in cassette version.
This is a very good choice for Inner Islands because Dragontime really represents the vibe of the label. Superbly diverse, but maintaining the high spiritual quality of all the labels endeavors.

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