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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Problems That Fix Themselves - besides

b-sides or besides, very nice word usage from Problems That Fix Themselves. This tape is exactly that, tracks not making it on the vinyl album Which is Worse. The earlier lp was on the blog back in March of this year. The new cassette is six tracks and right around thirty minutes. The sound is thick for besides, making this listen more concise and a little darker than the lp.

The best words to describe besides for me are a grandiose electronic fog with blinking lights in the distance, heavy listening through, brief moments of letting up, and then sounding even more impenetrable on subsequent tracks. There are beats and then pure washed out drone. Then there is the longest track "medley", this is a different sound than the rest. More industrial, like a soundtrack to a futuristic cartoon, where robots are assembling a fleet of space craft that shove off into the void near the end. I really like the track just before this "restless", like a pleasant cruise in a climate controlled vehicle, looking out over a pummeled wasteland. You are there, but completely removed simultaneously. There are two tracks "facemask and noelle redux", which use a really modified vocal component. Both are different and both add to the depth of besides.

 If you liked the lp Which is Worse, and you feel you can handle besides you should definitely grab this cassette. These tracks exists on the periphery of many listener's thresholds and then they fall directly into the wheelhouse of others. Cracking the door a little more open for Problems That Fix Themselves, and shedding light on how this unique sound is developed.

This cassette is out on 1980 Records. A cool Chicago area label that has tons of releases. Check out besides when you get a chance. Give it a good listen and you will be pleased.

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