Quickly Sold Out


Sunday, July 12, 2015

ℐ sherri - SOFT SPOT

This cassette has been turning over consistently in the deck for the past few days. There is so much good music out there, and as an avid listener, i like to hear as much as possible. Sometimes you hear something and it just clicks in place for you. A multitude of variables go into this, like the kind of mood your presently in and then your disposition over a longer period of time. What time of day it is and how energetic or tired you are. There is this point, when all of the x y and z's pinpoint a piece of music and your incarnate stumbling self. Like a nail gun firing into your shoe, fortunately right between your big and second big toe. You are stuck to the floor because it happened to be wood. It's cool though, you are happy and not hurt at all. Just thinking how often does this happen. You stare or in this case listen with amazement.

So i was pecking on the keys and dragging the mouse around by the collar. J Sherri pops up on the screen. That is a funny picture... Looks like a skeeter got you, maybe something bigger. Could be a friend whizzed a disc in your back when you went to grab your cold beverage. Funny pictures are 50/50 when it comes to music, so i have a solid chance for good tunes.... Wow, sounds really great. So unlike the rural back scratching pic. A few more songs in and i am completely sucked in. This music and my subsistence are giving each other a big hug... Only 10 cassettes though, marketing genius you are J Sherri.
Gonna half to buy this now.

Soft Spot is 10 songs and way over 30 minutes of goodness. Music to listen to with your friends. Addicting, like shaved ice in the summer with dr. pepper and coffee syrup on either side. Do i have a favorite song? Yes but it keeps changing with every other listen.

Out on Camp Daze Music from Missoula, Montana. Camp Daze is an all age music festival and tape label too. 10 cassettes for internet sales, with 6 left as i write this. Maybe if you go to Montana and start turning over those big river rocks you may find more copies. But it will be much easier to get one of the few that are left from Camp Daze's bandcamp page.

J Sherri - bandcamp - facebook
Camp Daze site - bandcamp - facebook