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Monday, August 31, 2015

1994 – 'Realistic'

Cassette number HR155 from Housecraft titled 'Realistic' is a mysterious liquefying sonic beam aimed and capable of melting listener's brain waves. Fortunately there is no digital component for the masses, saving the world from diminished thought waves. For the 33 people who purchased this third of a hundred run, their minds are a roasted chestnut color now. There is so much to here within this release, a sample of sound can only crack the door for a muffled moment.
Fragments from 'Realistic' include the worlds of wrestling and body building. Square dancing get togethers, rap music and radio dial spasms. This is juxtaposed with droned out African radio waves, alien aural radiation from disguised orbiting satellites and hypnotic echoing voices pulling you in to it's rotating plastic dimension. And more....

I purchased this from Tomentosa when it was available. Not sure where any of the other 32 cassettes are. Most likely resting in collections of other 1994 memorabilia like Kurt Cobain, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassi and John Candy shrines, box taped to Forest Gump VHS tapes, or proudly sitting next to Nelson Mandela's presidential election picture. I did find a discogs listing for this, but none for sale. Add it to your want list and maybe 1994 'Realistic' will surface.

Tomentosa - Housecraft Recordings