Quickly Sold Out

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Cal Fish who is that? What's Jood? I am not sure. Have been listening to this cassette for a month now and my brain recedes in to the corner every time it wobbles the speaker cones. Come on out brain, I need words from you, we must to listen to What's Jood? one more time. Noooo...

Blazing through bandcamp releases, I lost balance and fell face first on this new release from Cal Fish. I wanted to keep clicking away but the sounds...... so mixed...... guitar, flute, voice, samples, all forcing me to obey and follow the blue hue. Purchase meeee... You will be cool. I went away and then found myself going back. I could not refuse and bought What's Jood?

There is a very ennobling quality of submerged drone on this cassette. I think this is what i enjoyed most about What's Jood? The sounds sink into the muck and can be heard traveling below. A speaker rises from the mud and sounds more clear, but there is so much earth on it. Maybe murky ectoplasm used for channeling all of the different unworldly sounds. This makes the tape difficult to really figure out and at the same time creates a cohesive goo in and through every track. Flute and guitar bring you out of the mire and simultaneously snake charm the listener. Samples and vocals keep the entire listen interesting and create reasons to keep this cassette a flippin' in the deck.

In emails Cal and I spoke about ruling the internet, there really needs to be a king. Something i have future plans for and keep putting pieces in place to do. I was surprised when my cassette arrived! Cal had made me my very own custom tape cover foreshadowing my eventual rule of the internet in 2020. I have not even taken reign, and already my tenure is being recognized!

If you want to listen to some really creative sounds and have your brain keep asking Why is Jood playing again? Check this out and order some awesomeness for yourself. Also on compact disc.

I would want to be somewhere - bandcamp
Cal Fish - facebook