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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cankun – Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold

Had a weekend of work catering two large dinner parties Friday and Saturday night. Threw maybe seven tapes in the truck and started off with Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold. My Sunday evening drive back from the beach to home was hot, windows were down, sun was pouring into the windshield, and Cankun was still flipping in the tape deck.

There was something about this album that fit perfectly with everything i was doing. I looked forward to each time i was in the truck, moving stuff around and listening to Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold.
The rhythm, the diversity of all the tracks, contributed to the curious way all of the tunes could pipeline into your state of being and tranquilize the moment. My good friend riding with me felt the same way.

The music is rich with layers of sonic filling. Guitar, synthesizer, beats and hazy electronic mist, radiate from the speakers. These pysco-tropical tracks peek up to one hundred percent humidity, slowing your movement, your thinking and conversation. This is the music to let go of every day routine with. Stop your cogitative processes and let the sounds fill the crevices and take over the center of thought. Cankun has the power to unruffle the moment and deliver you to a new vista.

I have been a fan of Cankun for years now. I knew this would be a good album when i first noticed it out on Not Not Fun as a cassette release. So did everyone else, because it sold out from the label before i could purchase it. Found more copies at Tomentosa and there are still some there if you want to pick it up. Also available at the Cankun bandcamp site.

After doing a little looking i noticed this is in vinyl form too, from Hands In The Dark Records 
Either way, you will really like this.


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