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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Creeping Pink's Future Acid Family - Future Acid Family

Listening to an awesome tape by Creeping Pink. Wanted to share this with anyone reading the site. Can you guess what is coiled and ready to strike your ears from the title "Future Acid Family"? Here is a hint; all the fixins'

There are albums out there that perfectly add energy to the listening environment. Creeping Pink's Future Acid Family is that piece off music. There, alive and breathing sound, adding to your social interactions, Future Acid Family is a source of conversation and a good listener at the same time. If you are by yourself, this tape will be a good companion, making it's presence known, and also being subdued at times for inner reflection.

The music within is completely diverse. There are somewhat traditional songs with a sixties UK bended sound to them. Then, noise and samples push on your eardrums, sometimes seeming like youthfulness wanting attention. Most of the time spaced out goodness helping this musical flight really be a beautiful experience. The combination of everything never gets disjointed, instead this cassette is thick and held together with serious compositional talent. The best aspect of this album is how lost you become while listening. Like angling two mirrors to see the reflection vanish into oblivion, no guideposts here, uncharted territory for would be play pressers. Creeping Pink delivers future sounds from the coolest places you have yet to see and hear.

This cassette is out on Holy Infinite Freedom Revival, a label based in Indianapolis. My first acquisition from the label. There is so much diversity within their catalog. Would be beneficial for anyone to listen and see what resonates with them. Future Acid Family is waiting for you there and will melt into your tape player once you get it.

Creeping Pink also has new vinyl out on Castle Face Records titled Mirror Woods
Also another new cassette titled A Feast From the Village Panty here...  On Credit or Castle Face

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