Quickly Sold Out

Monday, August 10, 2015

Grøn – Nye Ritualer

Purchased this tape in the last order I made from Tomentosa. Incredible music to achieve extreme happiness. The tones emanating from this cassette titled Nye Ritualer are satisfying to to your inner core indeed. For everyone in the US, the coolest thing is there is still one left for sale at Tomentosa as i write this. You can also still get this from the Infinite Waves label in Denmark, but unfortunately is more expensive to ship than the tape itself. Infinite Waves has extensive distribution in Europe, so this could be at a record store near you.

By any method you come to a relationship with the artist Grøn, you will be very pleased. Nye Ritualer is ambient music with the ability to push the din of habitual patterns away. Focusing it's tone on some deep recess of the brain, Nye Ritualer slips past all the commotion and locks into you inherent connection with all living things. Here is the soundtrack to any natural physical occurrence, like cloud formation, a light breeze moving leaves on a tree in the sunlight or the inner core of a fire after hours of burning.

Simple and beautiful work, created in a dream and transcribed to physical form. Grøn has made a cassette you will go to many times, with the ability to find it's way in to what truly makes us fulfilled.

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