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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ki Oni - Elephas

Polished and sparkling sounds from Ki Oni on this new release from Inner Islands. This cassette can be your companion for everyday duties, taking a chomp out of the monotony and at the same time adding pleasant grooves for your mind to float down.

Elephas has been stuck in my truck's cassette player for a good while. The tracks within maintain there cohesiveness from start to finish. There is an upbeat vibe to the entire cassette. This tape has really befriended me in the past few weeks. Mysteriously capturing my interest while providing solid foundations for my mind to find comfort in.    

This one clocks in at over forty minutes and includes twelve really well composed tracks. Listening through your mind blurs in the world of Ki Oni. The beat stays strong, musical fire sustains intensity, figures move in harmony and without tiring, echoes of spirit noises drift through each track, creating the medium to connect with the astral plain.

Inner Islands has traveled trough the Pacific this time and found another gem in some remote volcanic outcropping. Elephas fits like a crisp new puzzle piece in the catalog of the label. The sound radiates with positive vibrations, which i think is the staple of the label. This is the second physical release for Ki Oni on Inner Islands. Available now at the label site. The first Autumn, In Reel Time is sold out, but there are a few at Tomentosa.

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