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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Peter Kris - Rim Of The World

If geographical locations had audio guides, Rim Of The World would definitely be the model to follow. Imagine driving and the station you are tuned to changes the sounds or music to complement where you are. This is enhanced by these sounds being composed by someone who has become familiar with the surroundings. Peter Kris has truly accomplished this with beautifully crafted music and art, emanating from emotions and talent.

The entire tone throughout Rim Of The World is a grand meandering river of strings flowing through a decaying world. Time has swept by and the pace of Peter's guitar work reflects adept skills gathered with years of labor. Fuzzy static drifts in the sky, heard then forgotten until the AM radio fade cycles again. At first listen the sounds are subdued, never asking for attention but always rich with texture and sentiment. After a few listens the magic of Peter Kris' work really settles in. Similar to man's impressions on the vast landscape, erosive human endeavors changing into an apocalyptic serene vista. Rim Of The World captures crumbling civilization, then cultivates it's essence to captivate your consciousness. That is how i c it.

This is out on the impressive Spring Break Tapes label in an run of 100. Every cassette has it's own instant film photograph on the cover. You can check out all of the photos here. Also included is a vivid book of photographs documenting Peter Kris' perceptions of the land and it's history. There are cassettes and artwork remaining at Spring Break Tapes right now. With so many people loving the label and the artist, probably nearing critical low levels soon.... 

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