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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Xiphiidae / Naturestudy / Poems for Oceans – Volume 1 & 2

Sounds of fascination. Listening through a slowly turning kaleidoscope, recognizing notes and noises, they change becoming more beautiful and then unrecognizable. When you press the triangle pointing to the right with these Housecraft releases, be still and listen. If you are patient enough, maybe the rock hitting the bottom of the well will be heard. Most likely though, the depths of these sounds will always be a mystery.

Here are releases numbered 153 and 154 on the Housecraft label. Both were produced in editions of thirty three and are a three way division of artists, Xiphiidae, Naturestudy and Poems for Oceans. Split over two cassettes with the second tape denoted as volume two. The choice of using these three artists is pretty genius. Together their sounds fuse into one massive entity. Across two tapes, they lay waste to the listening spectrum.

Ambient drifting drone fills all crevices, being led down the path by sparkling notes. Stumbling on sound samples that startle and surprise, the trek continues. So much to hear! My mind focuses on the elusive serenity provided throughout the play. This helps the ability to process this incredibly alien world created by amalgamating these three artist. Diverse is a small word to help describe these recordings, unbounded would be better. Continuously astonishing, the music is alluring, captivating and a little frightful. Everything the Housecraft label is held in awe for.

Can you get either of these cassettes? They are like trying to catch sand crabs on the beach in the daytime. They disappear into tape collections and only resurface when you are not looking. The real question then is why am i writing about this? Possibly inspiring one more person to purchase Housecraft recordings before me! If this happens, I am just going to say "your welcome" right now.
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