Quickly Sold Out


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Black Eagle Child - Playing

Have been listening to Black Eagle Child for a few years now. Noticed this newer cassette titled Playing on Scissor Tail Records and jotted it down as a good one to purchase. So ordered this and the new Tyler Higgins cassette together. I like how Scissor Tail only has a couple of tracks on the bandcamp page. This makes it really nice when the physical copy makes it's way into the tape deck. This particular Black Eagle Child recording pretty much sums up the fine experience.

Everything about this cassette, the artist (Michael Jantz), the label, the beautifully recorded music and the joy being issued forth from these tracks makes this a tape to get. Michael Jantz has been composing incredible sounds. Playing is not only a continuation of this but an elevation into a world tread by few. The guitar playing sounds sweet, like someone having a good time with their playing skills. The sounds say "i am going to make you feel good rather than think and contemplate". The melodic layering over the guitar adds depth, like looking into a dark forest with as much sunlight as it will accept pouring through. The sounds throughout Playing can put you in a vacationer's trance. You are sitting somewhere looking out at unfamiliar surroundings and everything is new, beautiful and filled with wonder.

This cassette could have been easily put out on vinyl, maybe giving it more impact, but the fact that it is just a tape makes Playing really special. Scissor Tail Records knows what they are doing. One hundred cassettes will disappear into tape collections, "sold out" will pop up on the internet and any one who did not pick it up will wonder how they missed it. Your tape collection has one true reason to be that much better with a copy of this.

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