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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Domenique Dumont - Comme Ça

Here is relatively new record out on Antinote Record Label. The artist is Domenique Dumont and the lp is titled Comme Ça. Music for hot summer evenings, providing rejuvenation from heated days with smooth sounds and tropical beats. From what i have read, this is a debut album from the previously undiscovered Domenique Dumont. Very incredible first composition.

Six tracks in all at just around half an hour. The first couple start with subdued beautiful vocals giving way to instrumental tracks for the last four. Covering grounds from global pop, samba music, rootsy dub, and island serenade. Comme Ça is magical and plays as an exquisite lp.  The first time i heard the samples for this i was immediately transported to where you wish all music can take you.

You can purchase this from the Antinote site. I bought a copy from Forced Exposure but they are sold out. Looks like most US distributors do not carry this lp (maybe it is hard to get) or they are sold out.
Discogs has a bunch, but they are all outside of the US. This is worth the effort to get if you want some very good music.

Antinote site - bandcamp - facebook
Domenique Dumont - twitter - soundcloud

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