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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Graham Repulski - Success Racist

Graham Repulski has added a new cd titled Success Racist to the 2015 music offerings.  With 17 tracks at right around a half an hour, the diversity of this album is vast for such a short length. Grahams voice and static filled guitar world ties everything together, making the entire listen a venture into his own universe. Shorter snippets or tracks help make transitions from differing tempo and varying feedback, giving the entire cd a more intimate feel.

To me, Graham's sound is difficult to describe. It is like music caught in a time blender set on the most ultimately slow setting. The sounds i hear are particularly from the late 60's and early 70's being gradually churned with 90's flavor. The blending is happening as yours ears listen, but the process is far from being pureed. There are a few things infused, but for the most part the layers are still there and only the edges are blurred in a static wash. At times i hear a emerging band from the UK from forty five years ago. Then the early bedroom pop music made in the last twenty years.

The style and sound of this music is truly unique and has an immense amount of emotion resonating within. Graham's music is solid and is experienced in composition. Success Racist is a testimony to this statement and I think this is better when listened to as a complete cd. You can check this out at his bandcamp page.

Graham Repulski on bandcamp and facebook