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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hush Arbors - Gualala Blues

Hush Arbors is guitar meditation. Mississippi John Hurt strings ringing so true. Absolutely beautiful notes, but the patience.... If you climbed a mountain to speak with the the guru sitting atop, he would be playing guitar just like this.

The real proposition of the blues for me is  uplifting my feelings and simultaneously giving me a sense of being melancholy. Delta Blues for example creates this with both guitar and voice, two instruments working together pushing and pulling. Hush Arbors has accomplished this with just guitar. The beautiful clarity of every string played with time tempered fingers. Making my mind slow down and really listen. These notes alone are like majestic trees standing alone, but together tell the story of the forest being cut down. Major keys disguising themselves as minors.

I would like to thank Dismal Niche and Hush Arbors for finding each other and releasing Gualala Blues on cassette. This one was run in an edition of 100. Copies are available at the Dismal Niche site.  A truly beautiful composition that will always be close to the door of the cassette deck if not already in it.

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