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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hylidae - Intransitive

When music arrives at your ears from vast directions and influences, the brain has work to do in order to process. Intransitive is a source of such immense amount of variation, your mind will work with exuberance! Bound together with foundations of droney beats and fibrous feedback, Hylidae has created a composition brimming with sounds and styles of ultimate variation. With this factor in place, the entire tape still plays with deft cohesion, making Intransitive impressively savory sounding.

Where to even begin? Hylidae has moments of funky slinky beats then plays more reflective songs. Industrial pop music for robots making robots in robot only factories. Intransitive is a recording of this entire production process. Creating an infinite depth of sound made by German machines in secret Caribbean Islands. Sounds of dub and steel drum echo in the air while the noise from laser etching of giant metal plates, slowly electrifies your ears. Frozen voices drift through tracks, echoing past civilizations of humans now extinct. Then finally a reflection into the dream world only rest can provide.

This is number fifteen for Dismal Niche and one of three tapes just released for September. I was not familiar with Hylidae, but the first time i listened to Intransitive on the computer, it fell directly into my wheel house for music. Not sure on how many of these were in the run, but they are available now. Dismal Niche has consistently been releasing some really unique and awesome music. Don't miss out on this one!

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