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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tyler Powell - Outgoing Messages

The bells can be heard but they are not of this earth. Some rift is energized allowing sound waves to pass through. At times the charge wains and distortion creeps in. Listen closely. This could be a mechanical recording like what is on Voyager. Depicting ritual sounds of  of some distant civilization. Transcribed to pass through dimensions and time. In hopes the beauty of one ancient world will not be forgotten.

Now i am entranced. Maybe this was the goal. Subsequently entering the disturbance. Following the music. Does the rip in space connect a temporal pathway to the past or future times? Or is this more a perpendicular or parallel dimensional thing? The transition is not instantaneous. Tyler Powell takes you down the tunnel with lengthy reverberating noises. Concussive sounds like riding in a car with only one rear window open. Now emerging to a spectacular alien waltz. Molecules are thick here causing sounds to start off louder than normal then quickly taper into the extremely dense atmosphere. The music here is beautiful and will require a lengthy stay in order for my consciousness to absorb it's secrets.

Tyler Powell's tape Outgoing Messages is one of three new cassettes out in September for Dismal Niche. I have listened to this one many times and enjoy it's continuous reverses in the deck.
From the notes on the Dismal Niche bandcamp page this is in a run of 50. There are physical copies available now. This music will find you and pull you through.

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