Quickly Sold Out

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ant'lrd - Clouding Indefinitely

Almost could not write about this one fast enough. There are only five two cassettes left at Inner Islands and they will disappear soon. Really enjoyed the last Ant'lrd cassette release on Baro Records titled Sunnup. I have a copy purchased from Baro before those sold out. So this Inner Island tape titled Clouding Indefinitely is on the same track. Pretty much says how everyone is digging Ant'lrd in 2015.

Planetary evacuation soundtrack from 1950s science fiction books. Like a tornado siren issuing warning and playing farewell in the same sounding. Before and after drone for planets changing population density with mass exodus or extinction. Heavy weight in the sparse and sweet department. Clouding Indefinitely can reduce the moment allowing focus in the apparent. Showing sparkle in the void because it's very hard to see when the drone creates such a float tank feeling. The entire listen seems like the hum of energy from a population being so slowly turned down on a glacial time scale. In that thought, the last track is titled "root structure", very telling. Incredibly well done.

Inner Islands has become the galactic port for spiritual drone space cruisers. Everything docking is solid and will not disappoint. This Ant'lrd release doubles up on the label by being a path leader in the last year. Just checked and there are still five two left after writing this.

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