Quickly Sold Out

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cruz Somers - Here Comes the Tarp

Red eyes blinded by headlights and white lines. Cruz Somers has given freight hauling some modern shine. Late night fuzzed toned tracks, popping a twisted punk billy for extra early morning miles behind the wheel.

Get your jumbo large cup of black joe  ready for this one.... The pace is rapid from the start but trails off nicely on the way through. Like an echo, loud and clear for four tracks, bouncing rhythm back to ricochet in your brain. The last track is over eight minutes of exit ramp traveling. A little slower and more subdued from the marauding cruise this tape started on. Welcomed come down for redlining RPMs needed to sustain speed on this futuristic highway.

OJC Recordings has delivered another underground specialty. Where is this inventory of artists OJC is harvesting from? Here Comes the Tarp is in an edition of 30 and well worth the three dollars for these spinning magnetic reels. If you are looking for a cassette to keep you alive on the highway, this is a solid choice.

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