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Monday, October 26, 2015

Kate Wakefield - Water Lungs

Water Lungs is a stage set for beautiful dreams. Here, Kate Wakefield's absoluteness exist in the form of crystal visions of sound and voice. How the fascinating world sometimes transpires differently than what you would hope for. Her songs of love, hope and discontent sway on the turbulent ocean surface, captained by extreme musical talent and creativity.

This four song EP rest in the cosmos of classical composition with voice reaching choir like majesty. From a small disturbance in the glassy water, the swell of sound builds and carries the listener. Riding these emotions of Kate's savvy, we are never dumped to the rocky perils beneath the surface. Rather, gradually returned to the tranquil shoals of this glimmering work of clarity. All four tracks are different in approach but flow together sweetly as a whole.

If you are ready to hear a classically trained singer and musician sail solo on the open ocean, Kate Wakefield is the person to listen to. Her style is her own and her talent makes this EP more than a plessure to float with. I did not see the physical EP on the bandcamp page, so just send her an email if would like to purchase one.

This song is not on the Water Lungs EP but is really incredible too.

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