Quickly Sold Out


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Kyle Landstra - Unshared Properties, Vol. I-IV

Pellucid sound traveling through recorded mediums, absorbed by ears, melted in minds. Kyle Landstra has done this superbly before, now hiking up to the next plateau with the Sacred Phrases label. A box set of four cassettes titled Unshared Properties, Volume I-IV quickly sold out from the label. Not sure where they all went or if any distributers will have some for sale in the future....

Synthesizer exploration, the specifications are beyond my knowledge. I am only and end listener and perfectly content in this station. The music is crisp on the surface and immeasurably rooted with voltaic tendrils... Reaching from keys and controls far into the reassesses of Kyle Landstra's consciousness. The first cassette's sparkling brilliance and gait simmers down for a listen into the glowing orange red crevasses of the fire of the next tape. This composition II, is rich in hue, music leveling your senses. As these spools reverse the sounds dance as if being played on a futuristic hammered dulcimer synchronously causing a hypnotic state. These melodies weave into your mentality, causing time and perception to become varied.

Listening through to III, Kyle has separated mind from physical being. This is the heavy drift. Decelerated tones lumbering with dense fog. Everything up to now has led to these moments. The music allows thoughts to mingle in time, but the true goal would be to have no introspection at all. These abilities are the listeners alone. Unshared Properties has elegantly accomplished it's mission. Tape IV allows time to re stabilize in the cerebral world. Parting with majestic sounds hidden within some mountain chapel. Revitalizing pipe music, or it's electronic counterpart, fills the emptiness hopefully achieved. Lifting sounds, awakening and turning back to the start.

Sacred Phases has always released some incredible stuff. I think this is one of the best so far and that says everything.

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