Friday, October 23, 2015

Macho Blush - Favorite Poems

Earth has been invaded. Humanity wiped out or in hiding. The occupying race has found instruments and recording devices. The first band forms. Here are their Favorite Poems. 

Macho Blush can severe your ties to reality. Patterns exist but rest in the fringes of music. Noises like a turning giant wheel, horribly out of true, sound being captured as both taught and broken spokes collide with the frame. Then, stars fall from the sky from meteor like keyboard runs on the track titled Midnight Poverty. This is odd foreshadowing in advance of the American Indian like tribal track titled Favorite Poems. As the cassette spins on, the sounds become more and more accessible. Maybe this is from the experienced gained by listening to the first few tracks. Like old punk songs in new commercials Macho Blush sounds more subdued as tape flips.

Subdued.... Maybe.... Check Your Point does exactly that and calls me out. If i listen closely, there are some Residents sounds in these layers. Be sure to hold on to any familiarity you can as a listener. The second side glides you along with the adeptly assembled Skyscraper Dragnet and the most mellow track of the tape First Hand. Then the ground gives way to falling into the vast expanse of Long Dreams. Here nightmares are hacked out on bending strings. The vocals deep and pleading, asking if you can be helped....

Macho Blush is Austin based Gina Probst. This cassette is out on her own efforts. And what extremely innovative endeavors these are. Gina's sounds are so expansive, like noises reaching across time. Sometimes sounding futuristic, then completely tribal, blending together, being torn apart to be mixed again. Favorite Poems is fascinating and the farthest out there tape i have listened to.

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