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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rigel Magellan - Succulent Sounds

Succulent Sounds for earth breaking robot zombie digits reaching skyward. Trying to pull metal carcasses up from the dumping grounds of exasperated models. They can not eat brains, only issue forth AI scrambling sounds. The is truly a robot apocalypses.

Rigel Magellan has really twisted these tunes. Like the brainwashing music heard throughout "Clockwork Orange", Succulent Sounds targets your programming with an non-explainable version of sound. Not waves, rather data imprinting. Solidly beat driven with penetrating note ballistics. Enough munitions to wipe out the robot future. Hide from this one or you will turn. This is just the A side.....

The B side is so drastically different. Your robotic brain has been altered. These sounds compliment the new reality. More tranquilized, downright robot zombified. Numbness in the processing center prevents me from explaining any details. Just there and nothing... Looking for more to bring into the bliss.

OJC has this one in a run of 25. Rigel Magellan is somewhat of a mainstay on the label with previous releases and another new split with Guu. Looks like Rigel is full to the brim with talent to share. This cassette is around forty minutes, delivering an awesome array of music.

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