Quickly Sold Out

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sex Shoppe

Sounds arcing from speakers with visible current, grounding in ears of listeners trying to escape. Sex Shoppe must be listened to while suspended by electric insulators. This is some beat noise, prohibiting your muscles from releasing the finger on the play button.

The second track "Culture Zone" is the longest and most unrelenting. Like an attack on your heart and brain simultaneously. Hasil Adkins driving the Flipper van trying to run you down. You will need "Chicken Soul" after the first side. This is also my favorite of the tape. Side B allows you to hear the inner workings of Sex Shoppe. These tracks really balance side A. Fuzzed out pop tunes are always relished after any wicked noise onslaught.

This is one of the three cassettes from the mid August batch of OJC Recordings. For one artist, these are very polar sounds. Sex Shoppe pretty much epitomizes the diversity of the OJC label, in just one C22 tape. Noises and whale song pulled from the reinforcing bars in the concrete of the Los Angeles River. Twenty Five tapes in the run.

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