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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Taxidermists - Honesty Box

Sounds coming from ghetto houses before they were torn down for multi story apartments. Taxidermists reminds me of late night house parties hosting the talk of the town as far as bands go. Guitar and drums played with skillfully timing, augmented by emotionally charged vocals. Salvadore McNamara & Cooper B Handy are Taxidermists and this is there album titled Honesty Box.

The real beauty of Honesty Box is how simple and unadulterated the music is. The music tip toes and crashes. The guitar is a solo swimmer in tuning school vacant of other stringed companions. Only the vocals and drums are there to give solace to it's wrenched sound. This works well because the vocals at times are as equally haunting in need of connection with like passion. Percussion follows this pair, adding the spine of the sound, slow and calculating, timing and punctuation, allowing the head to lift above others who have swam these waters. The style of Taxidermists is hard to pin down making this a really innovative listen from start to finish.

Honesty Box is out on cassette, cd, lp and digital. Telegraph Harp Records has all versions. This is a release that gets even better with repeated listens. It takes a little commitment to really hear how good Salvadore and Cooper are together.

Telegraph Harp site - facebook
Taxidermists - bandcamp