Quickly Sold Out

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Just recently received this cassette in the mail from Northern Spy Records, simply titled #tcot. Not knowing who or what this is, i went to the label site to obtain more information. The release is there on the news carousel, but still as mysterious as the copy in my hands. Not much said about this one other than it will be arriving for cassette store day on October 17th.

So this tape went into the player with the feeling of being significant and on the vanguard thanks to Northern Spy Records. There is also crucial information on the inside tape cover revealing who #tcot is. Being inquisitive, i looked up the names and realized this music duo is much more renowned than imagined.

This all posed a problem for me. Northern Spy Does not have any digital samples available for preview. With the apparent effort from the label to keep this one a mystery, do i throw out the specs on this cassette? I don't think this is my position and with a label named Northern Spy from Brooklyn, pretty sure the chances taken will be conservative on this end.

The tape is spinning, attacking the speaker cones like dirigibles in space being pummeled by alien ballistics. There is absolutely no place to hide from two instruments being played with skilled precision, deviation from the usual plodding notes and a hyper drive urgency to obtain light speed cruising. This music seems all crushing at first, but really exists in a world of heightened senses. One time through is not enough and low volume is definitely a mistake. There is a point where this one long track reaches dynamic drone stasis. Not your sparkling sun on faintly moving leaves drone, more like some immense colonizing space cargo ship, traveling by your outpost, alien engines drowning out your attempts to warn humanity. That kind of drone. But this is not really a drone tape, it just gets there, because all things eventually do.

Northern Spy Records site - facebook - soundcloud - twitter