Quickly Sold Out


Thursday, November 19, 2015


CARTHAGE is a wall of sound and sonic dimensions. Traveling through a desolate world, the listener arrives at the base of a monstrous barrier. 9115 has hand holds to ascend, but reaching the top is miles above and beyond your listening range. This will require a firm grip and steady ears.

Once inside of REND_THREE, the seven minute long first track, the looming cliff, not natural but entity created, is curious mystery. Field noises augmented by opening the microphone to hear distant sounds as well as what exist in the foreground. Like a camera with an extremely slow shutter speed, so much of this environment has been recorded in five minutes. Blurred sound from captured moments of social comradery.

9115 sinks deep underground moving forward. Bass emanating from the planets center slowly vibrates the speakers in an unpredictable pattern. Guitar beings to chop down any listeners who have made it this far. Subsiding, then back in force, there is no safe place at this point. The bass on this cassette gets really low. Make sure your listening device can handle CARTHAGE and in turn you yourself.

From this point it is pretty much like peeling back a section of the planets core and letting the sounds roll out. Dark guitar riffs and bass so low to reach the depths of a singularity. Somehow these sounds still maintain composition. Far enough out there to be completely alien, but still in tow of an artist with conventional ideas. Allowing for a listener to become fascinated rather than squeezed into a tiny subatomic particle.

There is still challenge. In order to leave this world, the ten minute track titled IK_SET must be scaled. Similar in density as REND_THREE, this last monumental en-devour brings randomness, tribal beats in glacial motion and swooping strings, like condors protecting a cliff abode.

This is the first release for the new label Still Heat Recordings. Based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK. Dark sounds for winters approach so far up in latitude. This cassette by Damien B is an aged and cracked window into consciousness disconnected from the continuum. Available in a run 50.

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